Country Cottage Stables is perfectly located at the heart of the Garden of Ireland, County Wicklow, surrounded in beautiful scenery. It means we are able to guide you on an exploration of many popular cultural attractions on horseback
The stables are located close to:
Horse Riding Holidays Lessons Wicklow Dublin
Horse Riding Tours Lessons WIcklow and Dublin
Horse Riding Tours Picnic Wicklow Dublin


Adventurous and enjoyable, trekking is a great way to relax and enjoy the unspoilt views of the Garden of Ireland from the back of a quiet horse.
We offer the following experiences:
  • Happy Hackers  For those wishing to enjoy the pleasure of the local scenic countryside from horseback
  • Confidence Building  For riders who wish to improve their riding skills
Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and share a passion for horses.

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