From meeting room to stable

Participants will learn about themselves, how they react, solve challenges, work with others through exercises with horses and guided discussions which reflects on behaviours, emotions and interactions. You can explore hidden potentials as trainers will facilitate direct change and nurture indirect factors like trust and cohesion, so this will be a powerful experience with a long-term impact.

Horses here accelerate interactions, therefore this type of training is not about riding or horsemanship skills. We are only doing ground work with horses which requires participants to find solutions out of their comfort zone.

It is especially powerful in case you are looking for improvement in the following fields:
Corporate Training

  •  collaboration and team dynamic
  •  creating the culture of innovation
  •  decision making
  •  value-driven leadership
  •  value integration
  •  change management
  •  self-awareness and motivation
  •  feedback and conflict management


Team building – Collaboration in action
We believe that every team member can collaborate and inspire others to actively work together. Finding the connection between inner motivation and common goals empower individuals to act with an increased level of trust and generates team cohesion. Here we are focusing on collaboration, active listening, and teamwork. Developing these makes it possible to get closer to our own feelings and to identify blocks and opportunities that we have not yet become aware of, while at the same time discovering the ability to sense others. Finding shared values could be the key to create the organisational culture that you’re looking for and manage change in an inspirational way.

Leadership Trainings – Creating the force field to lead by example
In our view, every person is a leader as we need to manage ourselves before we get to lead others. This training program will allow leaders to explore a unique and authentic leadership attitude where inner motivation gives the power of activating others. Here we challenge leaders to understand their own goals, values and perceptions through real-life situations. This is a learning by doing method balancing experience based and cognitive learning with a great impact on individuals and teams.

Why horses?

Horses are herd animals with an extremely well developed social life and sophisticated communication abilities which makes them the perfect partners to become co-facilitators of the program. They react in real time, in an honest way, mirroring the influence of what you have on them. Leadership and collaboration among horses is a matter of survival which means that they would only respond to powerful yet sensitive leaders who they trust. Non-verbal communication adds up to 90% of effective communication in human interactions, therefore, it’s crucial for every leader to master these skills.

Real change and powerful experience
Team Building Corporate Training Horse Riding

There are no two identical organizations or groups. We are keen to generate real changes and create value through our work, therefore it is necessary to establish common goals together.

Our highly qualified business trainers and facilitators will be there for you to make the most out of your training program and support you with passion and professional touch.

In each case, actual steps of development are created according to unique organizational needs.

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